What plan for Appsumo linked with your regular pricing?

AppSumo Plan and Limits: Stay focused on results

Harish Kumar

Last Update 3 tahun yang lalu

For AppSumo, we've designed a custom plan to fit with the lifetime deal in which most limitations are on par with our Basic Plan (AppSumo Advance Plan as per AppSumo Deal Page) plan and code stacking is allowed to gain access to higher credit limits and higher documents limits as described on Pricing Page. It is important to note that all the future upgrades to LTD will be tied to Basic Plan (AppSumo Advance Plan) under LTD. E.g., we upgrade a feature on the Basic Plan (AppSumo Advance Plan), all LTD members will get access to the updated plan. 

Stacking the codes allows greater access to Credit Limits and higher Documents.  When your limits are over-utilized, we allow you to offer in-app purchases for higher credit limits and document limits at a very discount price for AppSumo-Lings and our Early Adopters. So nothing to worry about. Stay focused, and we will get the results for you!

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