What Is Search Intent Discovery And Why Do You Need It?


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Watch out for this video to learn more about Search Intent Discovery.

Here’s more information for you to learn how customers search for your product or service.

It hurts to hear it, but… old fashioned keyword tools are getting between you and your customers. They’re based on keyword search volume, CPC, and domain authority. But that’s not going to tell you how to answer the questions your target audience is looking for.

To make matters worse: without the right tools, you will target the wrong content in the buyer's journey, and your content funnel will fail miserably! Your content won’t resonate with your target audience, and you will receive fewer clicks and sales.

You have to feel sorry for founders, marketers, and copywriters who can't get past the idea that keyword-based SEO tools provide the wrong information to determine search intent… which makes trying to answer the right question a nightmare!

But what are you supposed to do?

Relax… because we can make it so much easier. If you are a founder, marketer, and copywriter and you want to drive sales with better content – but you can’t find the right approach to distinguish awareness, consideration, or Buyer's Commercial Search Intent – we make it simple with CrawlQ Search Intent!

Here’s how easy it is:

Step 1: Type in “Keyword Topic" related to your product/service [what you are selling];

Step 2: Review the list of “Relevant Trending Topics,” which defines the NAME of your product/service;

Step 3: Identify “What Questions” they are asking to Search Engines;

Step 4: Find out “What Comparisons” they are making regarding your product/service;

Step 5: Find “What Adjectives” they use to qualify your product/service;

Step 6: Click on each “Hyperlink” to discover Information, Transactional and Commercial Search Intent.

Step 7: Take "Notes” to identify "Search Intent” and use them to fill out the details in the "CrawlQ Market Research and Resonance."

That’s it!

With CrawlQ search intent discovery, now you’re keeping your content relevant and valuable to the target audience – identifying topics and broader terms related to your primary search intent building authority content on the topic your audience is looking for discover trending topics understanding how the target audience compares two products or services in your niche.

CrawlQ search intent discovery GETS THE JOB DONE! Knowing how your users will be searching for your content online gives you the power to identify awareness search intent topics and keywords related to top-of-the-funnel, just like the pros! And you get results in no time! With our highly interactive dendrogram, it’s easy to identify perfect search topics and answer questions your target audience loves to read and engage.

Don't miss this opportunity to keep your content most relevant and valuable to the target audience! Learn More about CrawlQ search intent discovery.

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