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The Demo introductory video helps you to understand a few of these areas. Here is the recording explaining to users how to make the best of the tool.

CrawlQ fast-tracks your content authority without you having to master any copywriting and SEO skills by using automated content creation. is a B2B Content Automation platform that helps you create high-quality content to engage your target audience using semantics and also helps to optimize web pages to organically get more clicks, sales, and content authority using cutting-edge Market, Competitor and Topic Research Tools, and AI-assisted Content Writer.

Who is for?

  • Founders who want to create subject-matter expert authority content without hiring a copywriter or outsourcing to a marketing agency.
  • Marketers who need to craft highly engaging content for all your marketing campaigns. Be it email, social media, or performance marketing.
  • Content Creators who would like to accelerate content marketing activities by creating more in-depth content pieces in less time without compromising the quality.

You don’t need to hire expensive copywriters, SEO agencies, growth hackers, and funnel builders. No copywriting or SEO skills needed to create SEO-optimized sales-driven content. Optimize all your text, voice, and video content for complex search and social media algorithms. The quickest way to naturally take your webpages on Google’s #1 page.

How does it stand out from the rest?

Step 1. Research your buyer persona effortlessly.

Understand your target audience in-depth and keep your content most relevant and valuable for them.

Step 2. Anchor your competitive advantage easily

Make sure your website tells your core domain strength to your target audience and differentiates from your competitors.

Step 3. Information architecture using topic clusters

Get a comprehensive overview of content architecture representing your target audience’s semantic intelligence and search intent.

Step 4. Automate your content creation using AI copywriter

Generate AI-powered authority content that not only resonates with your target audience but helps you get more clicks and sales.

Step 5. Optimize your website for Sales and SEO

Compose content with search intent, market research, and semantic keywords: Increase your organic traffic, conversion rates, and the overall Content ROI by 10x.

Details about the

CrawlQ dashboard gives you a very high-level overview. We work with a specific kind of standard operating procedure. So if a user starts with fundamental market research and then building upon that market research user needs to understand who are their direct or indirect competitor in the market. This is step two but that's not even enough because even if a user understands the pain point of their target audience and has a competitor strategy still user needs to know who is their competitor. offers different features to help you to target in an area which your business lies.

  • Marketing Spying Wizard to effortlessly identify all information that you need to find your ideal target customer.
  • Search Intent Discovery Wizard to keep your content most relevant and valuable to the target audience.
  • Market Research and Resonance helps to automate content workflow with Literally Saving HUNDREDS of hours of A/B Test and Niche-research time.
  • Competitor Analysis Wizard to differentiate yourself by identifying niche competitors either directly in the market or by topic.
  • Contextual Comparison Wizard to compare URL-to-URL content with competitors and identify gaps or opportunities to improve your content strategy.
  • Organic Competition Wizard to discover competitors based on keywords and identify gaps or opportunities to improve your content strategy.
  • Topic Authority Overview to identify critical content gaps and find surefire ways to accelerate Topic Authority in search engines.
  • Topic Clusters discovers the information architecture of your website by comparing content Topic Clusters of your competitors’ websites.
  • Dominant Topic Discovery visualization helps to find topic overlays, topic relationships, and topic meanings to create a content strategy having topic authority.
  • Sales Copywriting Wizard crafts content from pre-defined templates which have inputs mapped from your market research, topic modeling, and competitor analysis.
  • Text Summarizer helps you extract information from a large text corpus without you investing countless hours in understanding the deeper insights.
  • AI-Content Writer helps you create highly engaging content that your audience would love, and eventually outsmarts the competition.
  • AI-Conversion Optimizer optimizes your content semantically for ranking #1 on Google to get more conversions for high intent keywords.
  • SEO Overview gets you an overview of your website’s health in just one click.
  • Technical SEO optimizes your site for crawling, indexing, and improving the visibility of your content in search results.
  • Semantic SEO identifies the content gaps and performs in-depth audits of semantic information architecture to discover relevant conversational answers your users would love.
  • Performance SEO helps you get actionable diagnostic tips to improve web page load time and responsiveness in multiple devices.
  • Backlink Discovery helps you find backlink opportunities and understand the worst-performing backlinks that negatively impact your ranking on Google.
  • Schema Generator generates semantic annotations and knowledge graphs inputs to increase organic visibility in search engines.
  • Tech Insights finds out the technology stack of your website or your competitors’.

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